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Hi there, and welcome to our new blog and website. It’s a portfolio collection of our most recent projects and should give you a good idea of the type of projects we enjoy most. You’ll see from the work in our portfolio that we love working on projects which present a bit of a challenge.

Our speciality lies in creating designs which help to deliver a message. In most cases clients need their message to be engaging, succinct and easy to follow, so we’re always looking at design from the perspective of the user. Design should be about more than just creating eye-candy.

Good design has a job to do. It has to deliver messages. It has to support copy, images and video. It must accommodate all of the information and components required to tell the clients’ stories well. It must work with the client’s brand and be easily adapted to work in different formats, such as websites, brochures, leaflets, posters and books. And, when all of this has been achieved, it must also look amazing too.
So, if you have a story to tell but its message is:

• Long
• Complex
• Difficult to communicate
• Never been done before

…then we’d love to help.



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