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First impressions count and your brand’s logo is often the first visual cue your clients will see. Your brand should communicate who you are and what your organisation stands for, and it needs to do this at a glance.

We’ve designed brands and logos for several nationally and internationally significant organisations. Our branding service includes full brand guidelines which help you, your designers and printers to use your logo effectively and appropriately.

Reptile and Exotic Pet Trade Association (REPTA)

The Reptile and Exotic Pet Trade Association was formed in 2005 to promote good practice and high standards of welfare within the reptile pet trade.

Since then it has grown to be the most influential and highly regarded organisation in its field, working with government departments, welfare agencies, pet trade businesses and similar organisations around the world.

Their logo from the early days of their work was still in use, but was no longer fit for purpose. V23 was commissioned to design a new logo which better reflected the organisations vitally important work, its ethics and its status. The new logo is now in use across all of REPTA’s communications, from its website and brochures, to the organisation’s reports circulated to MPs in Westminster and the European Parliament.

Northern Phoenix Trials Car Club

Hanging out the side of a car being splattered with mud and who-knows-what isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time, but that’s how I choose to spend some of my weekends.

Even some of the biggest petrol heads won’t have heard of Sporting Trials, but I think it’s one of the most exciting and technically demanding motorsports there is. Drivers must take their specially built cars through a series of challenging courses, making their way as far along each course as they can. Punishingly steep inclines, trees, mud, rocks and all manner of other obstacles can bring their progress to a halt, testing the skills of the driver to the max. Most drivers soon learn that blasting through the course at high-revving speeds is rarely the best way to make good progress – although admittedly it’s great fun!

My job as a passenger is essentially to act as ballast, keeping the car on four wheels as much as possible, much like a motorcycle sidecar racing passenger. It can be scary hanging out of the car at a ridiculous angle, but that’s part of the thrill.

As a thank you for all the fun I’ve had in the sport over the years I helped design the new logo and branding guidelines for my local club, The Northern Phoenix Trials Car Club.

Come along and see us sometime.

Visit the Northern Phoenix website here

Haemophilia Society UK

With so many passionate members and stakeholders, rebranding a charity requires understanding, sensitivity and purpose.

The Haemophilia Society UK was formed in 1950 and was the first charity of its kind. Similar societies have since been established around the world, but a lot has changed since 1950. We’ve all heard of haemophilia – the hereditary blood clotting disorder. However, most people haven’t heard of the sixteen other bleeding disorders which have been discovered since the Haemophilia Society was formed. The name, the logo and the branding of the Haemophilia Society was no longer fit for purpose.

V23 was commissioned to rebrand the Haemophilia Society with a new logo and name, to better reflect the society’s work and its membership. The branding needed to communicate the society’s role, but it also needed to respect the work and the legacy of those who built the society over the last seven decades. After close collaboration with the society’s board and its members, we created a new brand that the client loves. The rebrand will be presented to the membership for approval later this year and rolled out during 2017.

Bleeding Matters Logo Haemophilia Society Logo

Vida Health Kitchen

When we’re not at our desks designing we can often be found at our local Crossfit gym. 

We’re not exactly fitness freaks, but we do like to stay in reasonable shape, and we like to eat healthily – at least most of the time. So we were really pleased when we were approached by Vida Health Kitchen to design the menus and signage for their new ‘clean eating’ fast food restaurant. True to form, the project ended up being more interesting than we expected.

Designing a menu is usually pretty easy work for a graphic designer, but this project had a few interesting twists and turns to navigate. At VHK, in addition to the usual ‘off the shelf’ meals, customers can also create their own meal by choosing from a range of different proteins, carbs and flavours. Not only that, but all of the meals are listed with their macro-nutrient values – how much protein, carbs, fats and calories are listed for each meal.

Danny and Paul, the owners at Vida Health Kitchen are delighted with the results, and we’ve just been commissioned to produce a range of posters and other promotional material for the brand. And we certainly enjoyed this project too, not least the opportunity to sample the food there. Yum!

Visit the Vida Health Kitchen website here

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