A brochure for your organisation or business is a great way to let people know who you are and what you do. It needs to tell your story and help your clients to appreciate what makes you unique, to discern you from your competitors, or why you are the ideal fit for their needs.

Clear succinct copy is important, but a picture tells a thousand words. A professional, well designed brochure will show you at your very best.

Crowdfunding brochure for Welsh Mountain Zoo

We worked with Welsh Mountain Zoo on this crowdfunding project to raise vital funds for their new snow leopard enclosure.

The online and printed documents were designed in English and Welsh, and also featured Chinese headings which linked back to the project’s title ‘Silk Road’.

Welsh Mountain Zoo has two snow leopards, Otilia and Szecsuan, who are part of an international breeding programme. Their contributions play a crucial role in the continued conservation of these endangered animals.

We’re delighted to say that Welsh Mountain Zoo surpassed their crowdfunding target and can now start work on the new, state of the art enclosure.

Wedding brochure for Cardigan Castle

Getting married in a castle is surely a fairytale dream for many couples – and it is a dream which can now come true at Cardigan Castle.

Following a £12 million pound restoration project which won the Channel 4 Restoration of the Year award, Cardigan Castle embarked on phase two of the project – to make the Castle an economically viable attraction. Opening the Castle for wedding ceremonies and celebrations required effective marketing and high quality printed and online brochures.

We began by identifying the spectacular unique features of the Castle and how they could enhance the wedding packages, then created a design and copy that would be appealing to wedding couples of all genres.

The luxurious opportunities of a castle wedding were presented in a beautifully designed document, which also compellingly outlined the venue’s stunning wedding packages.

Souvenir Guidebook for Cardigan Castle

We are strong believers in the principle that every design has a job to do. When Cardigan Castle approached us to produce their souvenir guide, we saw it as another opportunity to put that principle into practise.

Great design must always be appealing to the eye, but making the document fit for purpose is vitally important too. So, we approached this project from a different angle. Instead of producing a guidebook in the usual, chronological and data-heavy style, we decided to present only the best of the Cardigan Castle’s stories as concise, standalone tales. Each story occupies a double page spread and is supported by an eye-catching hero image.

This is a great way to present the castle’s history and heritage, providing historical facts and data woven into a story-telling style narrative. That way, the guidebook appealed to a wider generic audience of visitors, rather than the few who have specialist historian interests.

This project has a wonderfully happy ending too. Shortly after the guidebook went on sale Cardigan Castle won the Channel 4 Restoration of the Year Award. Visitor numbers went through the roof and their souvenir guide has been flying off the shelves ever since.

Visit the Cardigan Castle website here

Our guidebook for Cardigan Castle was a unique project. It needed to tell the castle’s story, but be more eye catching and easy to read than a traditional guidebook. It also needed to be completed in time for a very strict and important deadline.

Vickie and her team went beyond the call of duty to ensure the finished guide was not only beautiful and engaging, but also that it was here in time for the announcement of our winning the 2017 Restoration of the Year award on Channel 4’s Great British Buildings. Their unique and innovative understanding of interpretation and storytelling has made the guidebook a great success.

Highly recommended, a pleasure to work with and on our speed dial for future projects.

- Sue Lewis, Facilities Manager

Tender Documents for 52 Oaks Copywriting and Interpretation

Marketing material is the lifeblood of any small business. Prospecting for new clients is a whole lot easier if you have a great brochure that you can rely on.

As a small business, 52 Oaks rely heavily upon their marketing documents to bring in new clients. Working in the museum and heritage sector, they’re regularly involved in multi-million pound projects, with large, international companies as clients. As part of their tendering and marketing process, 52 Oaks needed a document to send to prospective new clients. It had to be clear and attractive but, most importantly, it needed the right style and tone to appeal to a corporate clientele.

The finished design work has been in use for almost two years and has helped 52 Oaks win several lucrative contracts with high-profile projects and big-name clients. Of course, having a great brochure is just part of the marketing process, but our contact at 52 Oaks says they have helped a lot. The brochures get lots of positive feedback from their clients which is a great sign that they are doing the job well.

My business is all about distilling complex messages and stories into content that is entertaining and easy to digest. The designs Vickie produces are always great to look at and she’s a stickler for accuracy and detail. But she also produces designs which have that extra, all important quality too – they do their job exceptionally well.
Vickie’s designs help make the content accessible and easy to process. It’s a rare and invaluable skill, and one that is vital if you want to engage a specific audience. Highly recommended and a pleasure to work with.

- Tony Jones, 52 Oaks

Concept Documents for Bio Parc

Given our work with conservation and ecology in a previous life, we were excited to be asked to produce a proposal brochure for Bio Parc Colombia.

The project was in its fledgling stages when we were approached by the international zoo development organisation Regan Associates, who plan to build a high-profile zoological and bioscience visitor attraction in Colombia. Building on the country’s growing economy and rapidly evolving peace process, the document needed to be engaging, appealing and pitched at a very specific audience.

The brief from Regan mentioned that the document would likely be read by high level diplomats, academics, politicians and business leaders in Colombia and the UK. This list included the President of Colombia, so it was important to pitch the style and tone of the document correctly. After a great deal of research, planning and image procurement, we produced this brochure and the project has since moved forward at a great pace. We have since completed a document for Cyprus and are now about to start work on the second phase of work supporting Regan Associates and Bio Parc Colombia. Exciting times!

I have worked with V23 Graphics on the Bio Parc projects in Cyprus and Colombia respectively, and I’m impressed by the services they provide. I especially value their careful understanding of initial brief and creative response thereafter. There is a certain sophisticated flexibility in their approach and I have very much enjoyed our collaboration to date.

- John Regan, John Regan Associates

V23 Design Brochure

And, of course, this section wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include my own brochure. It features much of the same content you will find on this website, but if you’d like a copy you can download it here.  V23 Design eBrochure

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