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From brochures and catalogues to leaflets, menus or annual reports, everyone wants their documents to be attractive and easy to read. Whatever its purpose, a well-designed document can get your message across clearly and succinctly.

We can design hardcopy and digital documents that will wow your readers. We can even arrange copywriting, photography and printing if you need it. Just let us know what you need.

Volunteer Handbook for London Museum of Water & Steam

We’ve done a lot of work for the London Museum of Water and Steam, from designing interpretive panels and signage for new exhibits, to producing the museum’s guidebook.

This project is a digital handbook for the museum’s dedicated team of volunteers. It provides all the necessary information the volunteers might need, such as health and safety information, important contacts, policies and procedures and security procedures.

The aim was to make the handbook easy to read and understand, while still getting all the important information across. We used a handful of clever design and communication tools to make sure the information was received loud and clear – see if you can spot them. The digital handbook makes great use of images, which is fine if you’re looking at the document on a screen. However, some people might want to print a copy. So, we also made a black and white text-only version which will use less printer ink. Understanding how a document will be used is an important part of the design process, and it’s something we think about during the preparation for every project we take on.

Visit the London Museum of Water and Steam website here

Gift Vouchers for Snaygill Boats

Out with the old and in with the new. Update your old stationery for a fresh new look.

We’ve spent a lot of time enjoying canal boating holidays in Yorkshire and Lancashire over the past few years, so it was great to be approached by Snaygill boats to redesign some of their stationery. They wanted to keep the iconic narrowboat imagery, but add a fresh new style to make the vouchers more eye-catching and attractive. Taking the contents of the old voucher as a starting point, we used the colours and paintwork style from Snaygill’s hire boat fleet to create a new gift voucher design. We also digitally redrew the signwriting, roses and coachline patterns to create artwork that can be used to enhance other documents at a later date.
The client was very pleased with the results and has since commissioned us to redesign their boat manuals and marketing brochure.

Visit the Snaygill Boats website here

Menus and Signage for the Health Kitchen at Vida Loca Tattoo Studio

When we’re not at our desks designing we can often be found at our local Crossfit gym. We’re not exactly fitness freaks, but we do like to stay in reasonable shape, and we like to eat healthily – at least most of the time.

So we were really pleased when we were approached by Vida Health Kitchen to design the menus and signage for their new ‘clean eating’ fast food restaurant. True to form, the project ended up being more interesting than we expected.Designing a menu is usually pretty easy work for a graphic designer, but this project had a few interesting twists and turns to navigate. In addition to the usual, ‘off the shelf’ meals, customers can also create their own meal by choosing from a range of different proteins, carbs and flavours. Not only that, but all of the meals are listed with their macro-nutrient values – how much protein, carbs, fats and calories are listed for each meal. Danny and Paul, the owners at Vida Health Kitchen are delighted with the results, and we’ve just been commissioned to produce a range of posters and other promotional material for the brand. And we certainly enjoyed this project too, not least the opportunity to sample the food there. Yum!

Check out VHK’s ready meal delivery service here

Concept Documents for Bio Parc

Given our work with conservation and ecology in a previous life, we were excited to be asked to produce a proposal brochure for Bio Parc Colombia.

The project was in its fledgling stages when we were approached by the international zoo development organisation Regan Associates, who plan to build a high-profile zoological and bioscience visitor attraction in Colombia. Building on the country’s growing economy and rapidly evolving peace process, the document needed to be engaging, appealing and pitched at a very specific audience.

The brief from Regan mentioned that the document would likely be read by high level diplomats, academics, politicians and business leaders in Colombia and the UK. This list included the President of Colombia, so it was important to pitch the style and tone of the document correctly. After a great deal of research, planning and image procurement, we produced this brochure and the project has since moved forward at a great pace. We have since completed a document for Cyprus and are now about to start work on the second phase of work supporting Regan Associates and Bio Parc Colombia. Exciting times!

I have worked with V23 Graphics on the Bio Parc projects in Cyprus and Colombia respectively, and I’m impressed by the services they provide. I especially value their careful understanding of initial brief and creative response thereafter. There is a certain sophisticated flexibility in their approach and I have very much enjoyed our collaboration to date.

- John Regan, John Regan Associates

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