We love designing posters. It’s one of the most extravagant media platforms where we can really let loose with design ideas. As long as the poster delivers its message to its intended audience, anything goes – within reason.

That’s not to say they’re easy. There’s lots to consider and it is important to layer the information correctly. Readers may only have a few seconds in which to absorb the contents, so the design needs to carry and deliver the information quickly and easily. It all comes back to the principle that every document has a job to do, and our posters are no exception.

Levens Choir

Other designers will understand me when I say that usually, when someone in your family puts you forward for design work, things don’t always turn out for the best. However, this project has become one of my favourites.

Leven’s Choir has enjoyed some considerable success, including being named Choir of the Year 2017 by Cumbria Life magazine. It just so happens that my mum sings in the choir and she put me forward for the work designing their posters, advertisements and printed documents. It’s not the most high-profile brand on our books, but it is certainly one of our most enjoyable projects.

Visit the Levens Choir website here

Thanks for producing striking designs which always look great in print.

- Liz Bloomer, Levens Choir

Staveley Choral Society

SCS are a small group based in Cumbria and their repertoire is diverse and very entertaining.

So when they approached us regarding producing a poster template to advertise their productions, we knew it would need to tick a lot of boxes.

We came up with a style that would suit any production, creating five versions in different colours for added variety.

You are a wonder! Thank you for producing our posters and templates, we love the clarity of our new advertising.

- Wendy Randall, Staveley Choral Society

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